Klopp Brushes Off Absurd Blame Game Question Regarding Salah: ‘Some of Them Blame You

The aftermath of Jurgen Klopp’s revelation regarding Mo Salah’s return to Liverpool for additional medical attention has stirred quite a reaction. Salah’s unfortunate hamstring tear during Egypt’s AFCON match against Ghana led to the decision for him to receive top-notch care back in Merseyside.

Following the Reds’ Carabao Cup triumph over Fulham, a reporter raised the issue, highlighting that some international fans were blaming Klopp for the press conference announcement and questioning Salah’s loyalty to the team.

Klopp, in response to Ibrahim Khadra of beIN Sports, dismissed the notion, stating, “I cannot be part of that discussion. Egypt and Liverpool have exactly the same interest – we want Mo Salah, as quick as possible, fit.”

He emphasized that the decision to bring Salah back was solely for the purpose of providing the best medical treatment. Klopp clarified the arrangement, stating, “It’s all agreed. If Egypt goes to the final and Mo is fit, it’s always clear, he goes back. 100%. Mo wants that, we want that, we don’t plan with Mo and think we can do a little bit here or there. We’re completely honest.”

Addressing any misconceptions about his earlier statements, Klopp explained, “If I said something too early… what I said (I didn’t announce it) was ‘I think it’s agreed’. I have so many things to do and so many things going on around me, and sometimes it’s like… ‘oh right, it’s not agreed, I think it’s a plan – that’s what I heard’.”

Klopp dismissed any questioning of Salah’s loyalty, stating, “The rest is whatever some people make of it. If somebody questions the loyalty of Mo Salah, he should ask himself if his loyalty is right because Mo Salah is the most loyal Egyptian I’ve definitely ever met in my life.”

The article emphasizes the absurdity of blaming Klopp or Salah in this situation, highlighting the manager’s commitment to the player’s well-being for the benefit of both Liverpool and Egypt. The notion that Klopp is at fault is deemed ridiculous, given the clear intentions of securing the best treatment for Salah.