Luis Diaz’s Father’s Heartwarming Response to Colombia’s Goal Against Brazil

Following his recent release from the ELN guerrilla group, Luis Manuel Díaz, father of Colombian footballer Luis Díaz, witnessed an unforgettable moment of triumph as his son netted two critical late goals in Colombia’s remarkable comeback against Brazil during a World Cup qualifier match.

The emotional scene unfolded at Estadio Metropolitano in Barranquilla, Colombia, where Luis Díaz’s father, overcome with tears, watched as his son scored two headers, propelling Colombia to a stunning victory over Brazil. Amidst the fervor of the moment, Luis Manuel Díaz fell onto fellow Colombian fans while celebrating the goals.

The Díaz family experienced a flood of emotions during the match, with Luis Díaz’s father displaying visible tears of joy as he donned a Colombia jersey bearing his son’s name alongside his wife, Cilenis Marulanda.

Luis Díaz’s father, aged 58, had endured a harrowing 12-day captivity at the hands of the ELN guerrilla group. However, he was safely reunited with his son earlier in the week. Following this reunion, Luis Díaz displayed remarkable resilience, scoring a crucial late equalizer for his club, Liverpool, against Luton Town, and later featuring as a late substitute against Brentford.

The ordeal began when armed individuals on motorcycles kidnapped Díaz’s parents from a gas station in Barrancas on October 28. Fortunately, authorities swiftly intervened, rescuing his mother within hours by setting up roadblocks around the town near Colombia’s border with Venezuela.

Reflecting on the tumultuous events, Liverpool and Colombia’s number seven expressed gratitude, stating, “I thank God. He makes it all possible. We have always lived through tough moments, but life makes you strong and brave. So is soccer, and so is life. We deserved this victory.”

The emotional rollercoaster experienced by the Díaz family, from despair to joyous triumph, underscores the resilience and strength exhibited in both life’s challenges and the world of football.