Video Evidence Supports Klopp’s Claim of Unacceptable Comment by Referee

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has accused referee Paul Tierney of making an “unacceptable” comment towards him during the team’s recent match against Tottenham. The incident occurred towards the end of the game, which saw Liverpool win 4-3 in dramatic fashion with a late goal by Diogo Jota.

Klopp’s exuberant celebration of the winning goal in front of fourth official John Brooks led to him pulling his hamstring. However, Klopp claims that his celebration was not inappropriate, and that it was something Tierney said to him that was the real issue.

While Klopp was booked by Tierney for his touchline antics, the Liverpool boss alleges that the referee made a comment that crossed the line. “What he said to me when he gave me the yellow card is not okay,” Klopp told Sky Sports.

The Liverpool manager did not provide any further details about what exactly was said, but his accusation has sparked controversy and calls for an investigation into Tierney’s conduct.

Despite the late drama, Liverpool were in control for much of the match, scoring three goals in the opening 15 minutes. Tottenham managed to level the scores in stoppage time, but Liverpool secured all three points with Jota’s winner.

The incident with Tierney and Klopp’s injury have overshadowed what was an entertaining and hard-fought match. The controversy surrounding Tierney’s alleged comment is likely to continue, with many calling for greater accountability for referees and their conduct on the pitch.

Video: The moment Klopp claims Tierney said something ‘not okay’